Size Guide



Ring Sizes:



Ring Diameter Ring Circumference
16 mm 50 mm
17 mm 54 mm
18 mm 57 mm
19 mm 60mm
20 mm 63 mm
21 mm 66 mm
22 mm 69 mm
23 mm 72 mm



How can I meassure my correct ring size?


1. Cut a thin strip of paper, that is long enough to fit around your finger


2. Wrap the paper around your finger, neither too tight nor too loose


3. Mark the spot where the paper meets


4. Measure the length of your paper until you reach the marked spot with a ruler


5. Look at our ring chart and choose the ring circumference that is closest to your finger circumference


6. Choose the correct ring diameter


Note: When your ordered ring really doesn't fit, look at our return guide.